Your assignment, should you choose to accept it... 

Using the tools contained in the heading labeled links in the column to the right you are going to develop a mini PowerPoint presentation on site selection for a Starbucks in this area.

Step 1 - Download the student sample PowerPoint template - this is what you will be inserting your research material into
Step 2 - download the Snagit trial version - install it and play with its screen capture tools
Step 3 - Use Google search tool to find a Starbucks in the area (click on link for assistance)
Step 4 - Use Google maps to find a map of the area - then use it to create directions from the John Wayne Airport to the Starbucks
Step 5 - Download Google Earth Beta v4 and then enter our address 7 Hutton Centre, Santa Ana, and grab a copy of the aerial perspective of the overall area
Step 6 - Use Microsoft Local Live to check out the progress of the retail center containing Starbucks - make sure and take a snap shot from all 4 directions of the compass
Step 7 - Use CCIM partners to find a retail expert to call in the Newport Beach/Santa Ana trade area
Step 8 - Use to see if there are any available vacant land parcels or retail shopping centers in the immediate area
Step 9 - Download USA Photo map (just for fun)
Step 10 - Use CCIM Site to do Business geo-code the address for the Starbucks and a 1/2 mile radius and then pull a business list to find the Starbucks manager's name
Step 11 - Use CCIM stite to do Business - create a thematic map of the area 1/2 around the Starbucks - set the theme to consumer expenditures: food away from home
Step 12 - Use Wylies Map - is this a hot part of the country for investment?
Step 13 - Go to the website and download the Viewpoint 2006 - look for the market cycle monitor for the Los Angeles/Orange County area - where in the cycle is retail?
BONUS Step 14 - use one of these tools to discover a building within one mile that has Federal style architecture.


The first winner to demonstrate a complete PowerPoint with all items complete wins a gift card to Starbucks, 2nd place is a gift card.

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